Dark Girls Documentary Trailer...

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  1. I am sorry but this video hit all types of home. I just laugh at the ignorance and self hatred that black people not only in america EVERYWHERE possess at times. The guy saying light skinned is better on his arm, I couldn't help but think you ain't even cute, lol. then the girl saying natural hair looks dirty, how ignorant are you!? I think i have taken all of this growing up in America with Nigerian parents and it made me have reverse racism to a certain extent. I know that sounds awkward. but At Howard University the most prestigious black University in the world, I learned to love me (but there are still a lot of ignorant people walking that campus when it comes to colorism)! went natural my family said I wouldn't get married I'm engaged! whenever I go on vacation I can't wait to get darker, in fact I wish I was darker! I love dark skin men, I just love everything about me.

    yet I hate everything about being black we are soo brainwashed as a people. Nigerians bleach their skin, prefer yellow skinny girls, African americans say oh your cute for a dark skinned girl. And that example of the Kenneth and Mamey Clark question for the little girl with a twist just goes to show how black kids from as early as 5 think they are ugly or dumb, just because they are black! I aim in every way possible to not let me children become a victim of such ignorance and poor self esteem because they are black. Thanks for the video!


    Copyright by Victoria Rowels ©2011

    Young black slaves with beautiful dark skin,
    Violated by white masters again and again.
    They had white women to whom they were publicly wed.
    But they preferred to rape black women in the slave shed.

    A painful history we all want to forget,
    But we can’t because of the children born of it.
    Their hues range from black to white,
    With hair sometimes straight and other times tight.

    Evidence of a crime and justice never received.
    Centuries have passed and yes, we still grieve.
    But we must love the black rainbow that we have become.
    We are the original hue-mans and should unite as one.

    From the middle passage to every denied civil right,
    We make the best of our trying plight.
    But brainwashed to hate our African origin,
    We began to hate our beautiful black skin.

    From European standards of beauty to the paper bag test,
    We have been encouraged to take part in a self-hate fest.
    Now is the time to stop this genocidal game.
    God loves us all and we should do the same.

    A young black girl wanted to be fine.
    She bought hazel contact lens and now she’s blind.
    Some black women put glue in their hair,
    To hold long straight weaves that blow in the air.

    We shouldn’t do destructive things like that.
    We are a beautiful people and that’s a fact.
    Sisters and brothers we must love our natural state.
    We must love the black rainbow and stop all the hate.